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Condition to Throw! A Winter Break Arm Training and Total Body Conditioning Program. Dec 27 - Dec. 30

Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 1:13PM
The NPAEast staff is composed of highly trained and experienced coaches, trainers and medical personnel second to none in the East. Our understanding of bio-mechanics and what it takes to make rotational athletes throw more efficiently, more accurately, with more velocity AND stay healthy is all based in scientific fact and defended by the medical community.
Pitchers today of all ages suffer injuries or lack of performance for three specific reasons. #1- certain athletes possess inneficient mechanics. #2- certain athletes lack the functional strength required for their workload or #3- certain athletes simply throw too many pitches off a mound. During this four day clinic, NPA instructors will give the athletes the instruction and tools to develop #1 and #2 and we will discuss #3 in depth. The NPA East coaching staff will teach the athletes and their parents the latest scientific facts on all three of these points. Our coaches stress "prehabilitation" not rehabilitation. At this camp, each client will recieve:
  • Workouts and routines tailored to their specific needs and goals
  • Learning and patterning of proper throwing biomechanics, arm conditioning protocols, proper nutrition, mental and emotional preparation and pitching strategies
  • Strength and conditioning routines to help athletes recover, repair and prepare for your next game or practice and prepare you for your season
  • A personal high-speed motion analysis evaluation by NPA East Regional Director, Gardy O'Flynn as well as an off-season workout plan personalized by James Baker

Condition to Pitch HOLIDAY CLINIC

134 High Street Lower Gym

9:45am - 11:30am

8th grade & Under December 27th-30th
&Pros Decembe27th-30th
4 DAYS$300
$300 Includes personalized high speed video and workout plan

3 DAYS-$250

Includes personalized high speed video and workout plan

2 DAYS-$175

Optional NPA Velocity Kit and Training Band
(Includes Video $100)
Each athlete will leave this camp with the#1 scientific approach for pitching performance from the preeminent bio-mechanics program in the world, The National Pitching Association.
This clinic is designed to prepare the athlete for the next level,whatever that maybe.


Contact James Baker to register today! 

Conditionton to Pitch Coaches:

Gardy O'Flynn, M. Ed C.A.A.
NPA East Regional Director
Former pitcher in the Texas Rangers Organization. 
20 plus years relationship with Tom House
Pitching Fix and QB Foundations

James Baker, NPTI Certified, NPA Certified
North Shore Performance Training Founder
Director of Group Training and Sports Performance Training Coach
NPA East Affiliate Coach 
Professional Pitcher for 7 years


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