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NSPT Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs and Schedule

Friday, May 26, 2017, 5:22PM
North Shore Performance Training is an 8,000 square foot strength and conditioning facility for local athletes and is located in Danvers, MA, inside of Route One SportsPlex (directly off of Route One North). North Shore Performance Training was founded three years ago by former professional baseball player and now Performance Training Coach, James Baker, NPTI, NPA.
Summer Strength and Conditioning programs are starting up here at NSPT for athletes of all ages and abilities! If you have not heard about our facility and growing business, I encourage you to visit our gym, learn about our strength and conditioning programming, training philosophy and the impact we are making on local athletes and their young careers!
NSPT currently trains college athletes (several Division I), high school athletes, middle school athletes and youth athletes (age 8-12) for all sports. We also have an adult group training program for all workout enthusiasts and discounted rate for parents who are looking for a positive change in their fitness program. Summer training at NSPT can be your fresh start to a new you!
In addition to training the Academy Baseball and Softball Program, NSPT coaches over 100 various athletes from around the North Shore area who are looking to make positive changes to their game.  At NSPT, we offer team training for groups of 10 or more athletes and Athlete Group Training. All Athlete Group Training classes and team sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and focus on athlete specific mobility and dynamic warm-up exercises, speed and agility training and either functional, strength or power phase training. Each athlete's first class is a consultation to discuss their yearly sports calendar and current training methods, injury history, personal goals and nutrition.
Consultations make the difference!
On NSPT's consultation day, one of our strength and conditioning coaches will perform a movement screening and basic performance assessment to determine if there are any imbalances and weaknesses that can be focused on during their training. This initial performance assessment serves as a great starting point so athletes can measure their training successes and overall improvement as they continue with our program. This is also important so our trainers can customize exercises if necessary and also provide extra work for clients who need help in certain areas.
First rate sports nutrition coaching with the BEST in the business!
We also have a nutrition partner, Jules Hindman, on staff to handle all of our client's nutritional questions and needs. Jules works with several professional athletes (NFL and MLB), celebrities, high school and college athletes and adults looking to improve their diet! Additional services and meal planning options are offered to all clients and have been an integral part of our client's successes. Her info can be found on the "Bio" section of our website.  
Barre and Boxing options for our Adult Group Training Members
For our Adult Members, NSPT offers FREE Barre to all current members and a discounted rate to Dullea's Boxing which are both held in NSPT's smaller group training room. These additional services provide each member with an opportunity to challenge their body in new ways and spend quality time on core strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning and increasing range of motion throughout the entire body! We are very happy to have Alison (Barre) and John Dullea (boxing) as instructors for these new programs that are becoming very popular! All athletes and adults are welcome to join NSPT Barre Class.
Sports Massage available at NSPT!
NSPT has a full time on-site sports massage therapist, Janet Miller, as well! Janet, a former All-American Athlete, has experience working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities and has expanded her practice (deep and soft tissue massage) since joining NSPT!
For these reasons and more, NSPT has become the elite training facility for all North Shore Athletes! Check out our testimonials page listed below to see what our clients are saying!
NSPT's athletes are gaining a significant advantage in preparing for their upcoming seasons while getting into great shape! Having fun, building positive relationships with our clients, teaching proper training techniques and creating mentally and physically tough athletes is our main objective. With corrective exercise, proper strength and conditioning programming, goal-planning and utilizing an on-site sports nutritionist to help athletes and their families with customized nutritional needs, NSPT'S CLIENTS GET RESULTS!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email our staff. Spots are filling up fast for our summer programs, but please contact us today to talk about team and individual rates that are hard to beat! Please spread the word to coaches and administrators, teammates, friends or other parents who may be looking for the right summer training option!
For more information about  NSPT, please review the following pages.
Summer Schedule: (notice the highlighted schedule under each group schedule)
Contact Information:
James Baker, NPTI, NPA
Founder, Sports Performance Coach


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