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National Pitching Association: Off-season Complete Pitcher Development- 3 Phase Program

Friday, September 14, 2018, 7:57AM

Off-Season Complete Pitcher Development

An NPA East’s Advanced Progression Program -This program's curriculum is NOT a standard physical prep or skill training camp or clinic. Designed and suited for all levels of players most dedicated in learning and performing what it really takes for the necessary effort, time and patience of the authentic challenging methods of an inside-out, bottom to top development program. Helping you focus to a new level of your mind-body’s fitness while withstanding the integrations of the the proper skill variables and biomechanics……All proven to greatly reduce overuse and injury risks while preparing your maximum enhancement capabilities.
Ideal for the long term development minded player, rehabilitation player and players preparing for showcases or tryouts.
This will be the start of your most dedicated- fundamentally unique, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, physical preparation and performance enhancement skills off season training program.
What’s the difference??? “Everyone knows you have to train, and who doesn’t?"
Generalized random prescriptions and opinions of training methods with attempts of just throwing it all together, do not work. Guided with the “Just keep pushing harder and harder”, and the “Just keep doing more and more, more is better”, mentality without understanding the process of the puzzle to progress in the right direction, does more harm than good. 
Take your initiatives and devote it to the modalities that will guide you the biggest return on investment.   We will provide training processes that will expose your specific imbalances, strengths and weaknesses to prioritize accordingly. Optimizing your consistency with factors such as muscular tissue, quality structural integrity, ranges of motion, strength, recovery and kinesthetic awareness issues. 
This complete functional training process is the blueprint that will progress you properly for the integration of the explosive skill demands that will be placed upon your body’s acquisitions of ground force, torque and mechanical variables needed to come all together for your kinetic chain efficiency and maximum performance capabilities.
Tuesday – Friday - Sunday (Choose 2 days) Starting October 9th
Gardy O’Flynn (NPA East Director), James Baker of NSPT (North Shore Performance Training) & Ken Fogell (Pitching Depth/ RI) will lead this intensive total body, feet to fingertips complete pitcher development program. Players will choose two days a week. Training will be 90 minutes each session. 
Tuesday (5pm-6:30) @ NSPT/Rt.1 SP
Friday (3:30pm-5) @ NSPT/Rt.1 SP and       
Sunday (9am-10:30) Ipswich High/Lower Gym.
Program Specifics (2 days a week)
Phase 1: Condition to Pitch: 10 Week Program (20 Sessions). Starting October 9th: Sessions will meet on all Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays (Ipswich) except (Friday November 23rd and Sunday November 25th) ending December 21st.
Phase 2: Adaptation to Ground Force: 6 Week Program (12 Sessions). Starting January 4thSessions will meet on all Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays ending February 12th.
Phase 3: Pre Season Advanced Prep (PSAP): 3 Week Program (6 Sessions). Starting February 26th:  Sessions will meet on all Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays ending March 17th. 
Complete Program: ALL 3 Phases... Recommended
(19 Weeks, 38 sessions, 57 hours of Instruction) 10/9/18- 3/17/19
Cost: $1710 (low rate of $30 hour)
Phase 1 ONLY: 
(10 Weeks, 20 sessions, 30 hours of Instruction) 10/9 – 12/21
Cost: $1050 (rate of $35 hour) ending 12/21 Cost: $680 (ending 11/20) (13 sessions)
Phase 2 & 3 ONLY:
(9 Weeks, 18 sessions, 27 hours of Instruction) 1/4-3/17   Cost: $945 (rate of $35 hour)
Starting 11/27 (13 Weeks, 26 sessions, 39 hours of instruction) Cost: $ 1267 (rate of $32.50 hour)
Thanks for doing business with us and we hope to see you soon,
James Baker
NSPT Owner and Performance coach


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