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NSPT adds Meghan Dutton as Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Educator

Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 12:29PM
Meghan Dutton- Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Educator

Meghan Dutton is NSPT's newest yoga and mindfulness educator. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for the past 15 years and is certified with Mindful Schools as a mindfulness educator. Over the past eight years she has implemented mindfulness in schools, with athletes, and has instructed yoga in schools and studios for the past three years. Yoga classes at NSPT will include yoga and mindfulness techniques, to provide not only physical flexibility, strength, and ease, but will also offer tools for mental focus, and self-regulation techniques to use on and off the field. For more information on Meghan, please see:

Power Yoga
This Power Vinyasa yoga class links breath with movement and incorporates a dynamic flow that supports greater strength, flexibility, endurance, focus, and balance. It tones the entire body, with an emphasis on core and strength.
Yoga for Athletes
Yoga for Athletes is designed to support athlete's flexibility, strength, balance, and breath awareness through a vinyasa style yoga class, ending with a mindfulness session that incorporates different tools for greater performance and endurance- including body awareness, emotional regulation, and stress management tools. Mindfulness and yoga have gained greater popularity among college and professional sports teams- to support enhanced mental/ physical performance on and off the field. 
Mindfulness in Sports- Video of the Week
George Mumford, Boston College


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