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Team Training at NSPT! Get stronger, quicker, faster, more flexible and BETTER TOGETHER!

Saturday, November 16, 2019, 10:19PM

North Shore Performance Training (NSPT), located inside of New England Premier Sportsplex in Danvers Mass, is now offering a **TEAM TRAINING PACKAGE**, out of our 6,000 square foot strength and conditioning facility for ALL sports teams.

NSPT works with the area’s top athletic talent, coaching many professional, college, high school and middle school athletes looking to improve their functional strength and overall sports performance under our Athlete Group Training Membership.

Unparalleled by other fitness facilities in the area, we pride ourselves on personal, rewarding relationships with each client. This begins with a thorough consultation and movement screening (more info below). At NSPT, we utilize athlete periodization training (functional, strength and power phases) to keep the body refreshed, energized and recharged with natural strength and conditioning progressions and customized player development.

With a certified strength coach on the floor at all times, our staff guides the athletes through their workout and modifies the exercises to each athlete’s ability. Most importantly, having fun and educating clients during their workout experience is our priority!

Each group will begin with a team consultation (no charge) to discuss the following: 12 month sports calendar, training history, injury history, team and personal goals and athlete nutrition. We will also provide a basic movement screen and performance assessment on each athlete to learn of healthy/unhealthy movement patterns and strengths and weaknesses.

Each team/program will meet 2 times per week (1-hour sessions) with predetermined times to be reserved at our facility. During this program, our strength coaches will build a customized functional training program, specific to their sport, to better each player's athleticism and performance capabilities.

The minimum requirement of players for this package is 8 players per team. The maximum amount is 15 players.

The cost is $125/month per player (2, 3 or 6-month commitment).

With our customized approach and professional model, learn how to GET BETTER TOGETHER TODAY!

Contact Owner and Performance Coach, James Baker, today, to sign up or handle any questions you may have! THANK YOU! 


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