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2020 New Programs at NSPT!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 10:46AM
Left to right- Meghan/Jules/NPA/Janet

NEW 2020 Offerings from North Shore Performance Training!

Up first, All-Levels Yoga, with Meghan Dutton, offers athletes an opportunity to learn basic yoga and challenge the body in new ways with dynamic flexibility and mindfulness practice at the end of every session!

Next up, our nutrition partner, Jules Hindman, of Eat Well Perform Well, is back! We are happy to have her on various Mondays throughout the month. Jules will be checking in with clients on her In-Body machine, speaking with clients on individual programs and speaking to our clients and other guests on various Monday evenings.

Batting third, NSPT Owner and Performance Coach, James Baker, is heading a throwing clinic at the Grind Factory in Salem, on Tuesdays from 4:45 until 6 p.m. All throwers are welcome! Learn a proper throwers dynamic warm up, arm care exercises, mechanics and patterning work and a proper throwing progression to get the body ready for the upcoming spring season!

Batting cleanup, our awesome Body Work coach, Janet Miller, who specializes in deep tissue and soft tissue massage. Whether you are an adult or athlete working through a particular ailment or looking for a preventative maintenance routine to promote healthy mobility, Janet is right for you!


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