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Business Update Regarding Covid-19

Thursday, May 21, 2020, 9:45PM
Dear Valued NSPT Clients,
I have been looking for the right words after the frustrating news that gyms and fitness facilities cannot open until Phase 3. Unfortunately, our business gets lumped into the larger commercial and corporate type gyms where people scan a card, walk in and work out in crowded areas. I was hoping our outcome would be different, especially after reaching out through the Massachusetts Covid-19 Response Page and trying to reach the Governor's office with a well-crafted email (one of thousands of messages, I am sure).
As you know, we are different than those bigger gyms. We have great coaches on the floor to not only guide our clients to proper form with our programming for the day, but who could also facilitate a healthy training environment to promote distance, cleanliness and new norm safety protocols and guidelines.
For now and until further notice (we hope to open sometime in June), the facility will be prepped to allow for a safe re-opening at a further date. Hospital grade cleaning supplies will be ready. "New norm" safety protocols will be posted on the walls. Our staff will know how to facilitate a new norm safe training environment. Clients will purchase their own -new- training mats from us to bring back and forth just like their water bottles. White tape will be measured and placed on the floor to separate clients for a new warm up and training routine to properly distance people and keep everyone safe. This is in the works and I look forward to updating all of you soon on our progress and how we will move forward.
Thank you for your patience and support throughout these trying times for all of us. I miss seeing all of you at the facility. I miss the workouts, the grind and all of our fun times getting better together.
Stay safe and healthy. This too shall pass,
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James Baker, NPTI, NPA
NSPT Owner
Performance Training Coach
Office Phone: 978-774-6778


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