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Join NSPT's Pitching Lab: A Complete Pitching Development Program

Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 9:34AM

NSPT Pitching Lab is alive and well! We are currently working with over 50 clients from all levels (Professional, College, High School and Middle School). We also have 75 athletes from various sports mastering their fundamentals and functional training in our Athlete Group Training Program.

**More about NSPT Pitching Lab** 👇⚾️

Are you stuck and looking to keep your athletic development rolling in a safe and accommodating environment during these new times? We develop pitchers through a comprehensive program that that GETS RESULTS (mindset & goal attainment, nutrition, functional strength and pitching biomechanics methods).

Our 2-hour programs are specific to each client. One-hour is designed to help each throwing athlete with their mobility, a proper dynamic warm-up and arm care routine, mechanics patterning exercises, specific skill work and drills and a throwing program/bullpen sessions tailored for each player. Throwing progressions are worked into each player's respective program and are dependent on offseason/preseason volume. We use video analysis and Rapsodo technology during every bullpen session.

The second half of each session is a functional strength & corrective exercise program customized for each athlete’s needs- based off of their initial movement screening. This time is dedicated speed & agility, lower and upper body stability & strength, power, core strength and arm integrity work.

Our Program Goals

*** to help each athlete produce the greatest amount of force throwing a baseball in the most accurate manner while eliminating a chance of injury and reaching their optimum potential as an athlete


*** to help each client understand how their body moves and how they can be more efficient and powerful with a program customized to their needs. Understanding the "why" each step of the way.


*** to help clients learn the art of pitching, master their mental game and how to be at their best - between the ears.


*** to build strong genuine coach and player relationships. We are coaches because of the athletes and passion we have for the sport itself. There is no other feeling like helping athletes - of all ages - further develop their natural persistence, determination, discipline, dedication, resiliency, work ethic, heart, leadership skills, connection with and respect for others, not only on the field, but in life!


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