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Attention Pitchers: NSPT Pitching Lab In-Season Program (functional strength, video breakdowns, skills &drills)

Friday, April 30, 2021, 12:42PM

Best of luck to all Baseball Players and Spring Athletes this upcoming season!

North Shore Performance Training (NSPT), located inside of New England Premier SportsPlex (NEPS) in Danvers, Ma, will be hosting a program this Spring for all current Pitching Lab Clients AND New Pitching Clients looking for the edge this season. 

These sessions will be led by James Baker (former Pro Pitcher, Founder and Director of North Shore Performance Training/NSPT Pitching Lab, National Pitching-East Certified Coach and current St. John’s Prep Pitching Coach) and Gardy O’Flynn (former Pro Pitcher, National Pitching-East Director and Founder of Pitching Fix and QB ProForm)


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays. 7:15 – 8:30 pm (begins May 4th...rolling admission)

  • 15-minute review of game film. Addressing functional strength/mechanical breakdowns and appropriate drills customized for each player. We will utilize our Mechanical Breakdown Chart and slow-motion video analysis for these reviews

  • Dynamic warm-up, Arm Care Block Training, Pitching Drill work (no throwing for most clients since they will be involved in an in-season throwing program). Strength and mechanics-based drill work. Review of in-season warm-up drills/mechanics drills

  • A functional training workout featuring mobility, upper and lower body strength maintenance, core strengthening work and arm strengthening/recovery work

    • Don't be the athlete who physically breaks down
    • Maintain energy and feel strong during practices and games
    • Keep a routine, stay on your game and stay out of the trainer’s room
    • Communicate with our NSPT Coaching Staff to work through poor in-season habits. Many times, a functional training drill or sports specific drill can fix strength/mechanical flaws that lead to poor performance
    • Communicate with the NSPT Coaching Staff about in-season nutrition. Learn how to recover faster and have more energy!
    • Throwing Athletes: keep your shoulder/arm strong and stable with our in-season routines
    • Be the athlete who continues to stand out and shine above the rest!


*Training Rates* 


NSPT Pitching Lab Clients or New Pitching Members

-2 professional coaches on the floor at all times-


OPTION A: 10 Pack: $600 ($60/session)

OPTION B: 2 month In-season Membership: 2 visits/week (9 visits/month) = $450/month ($50/session)

**Summer Program Information coming soon!** 



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Pitching Lab:


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