North Shore Performance Training
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The NSPT Model

The NSPT Training Model


Every gym goer has their own set of respective weaknesses, imbalances, limitations, posture issues and  various strengths. It is our goal to help each client understand how their body should move and what the necessary steps are to achieve quality movement and personal fitness goals throughout their training development. Below is all you need to know about our program in a nut-shell!


Thank you so much for your interest in North Shore Performance Training. We would happily look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


At NSPT, we offer two different Monthly Group Training Memberships for Athlete Group Training and Adult Group Training:  2 visits per week (9 visits/month) and Unlimited Group Training (up to 5 visits/week). All Athlete Group Training classes are 1 hour and 10 minutes in length and focus on athlete specific mobility and dynamic warm-up exercises, speed and agility training and either functional, strength or power phase periodization training. Each phase of training is dynamic in it’s own way, focusing on different types of movements & exercises. All Athlete workouts, regardless of the phase, conclude with additional core work, shoulder/posture work and a proper cool down.


All Adult Classes (1 hour in length) work on similar exercises routines as modern-day athletes and are based around a weekly training model of strength, functional strength, conditioning and power themed classes. Our Adult Program classes are up-tempo and up-to-date with fun fitness routines! Get healthier, learn correct form and have fun doing it!


For a Pitching specific strength & conditioning/complete pitching development program, click on this link to review more information about NSPT-Pitching Lab.


All classes are modified and progressed for each client to make each workout functional to their ability and/or sport. Each athlete is training in a fully coached group setting with exercises customized and programmed for their individual needs. NSPT offers Personal Training Packages for both Athletes and Adults and also Team Training for groups of 10 or more clients.


NSPT’S Consultation and Movement Screening


Each client will receive a consultation form to complete. This form asks you to fill out information about your seasonal calendar, sports history, training routines, injury history, personal goals and ultimate goal. When you visit us on our small group consultation days (Tuesdays at 7:30 pm), there will be a brief welcome and intro to our program and a fun goal setting exercise. We also perform a movement screening and basic performance assessment to determine if there are any imbalances and weaknesses that can be focused on during our training. This evaluation serves as a starting point for each client, with measurables that can be improved upon. Every client will leave with corrective exercises on their consultation day. These measureables will be re-tested halfway and at the completion of each client’s respective program.


Additional nutrition information will be provided on consultation day as well, with a three-day food log that is to be completed. Once completed, we will offer recommendations and basic nutritional advice to help jumpstart your wellness plan! All consultations are about 1 hour in length and are scheduled by appointment with one of our strength and conditioning coaches.


NSPT’S Sports Massage Therapist, Janet Miller


NSPT has a sports massage therapist, Janet Miller, on-site as well! Janet has experience working with athletes (in-season and out of season) and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities! She has experience working with injured clients or those looking for preventative maintenance to improve range of motion and mobility patterns. All sessions with Janet are made by appointment. Both Athlete and Adult clients can utilize these services at an additional cost.


Family Discount Program and Referral Discounts


NSPT offers a family discount program after one family member has purchased one of our packages. Half off to ALL other family members with our programs: athlete and adult! Many adults take full advantage of this promotion as well as families with multiple athletes!


NSPT also offers a Referral Discount! For every two new clients you bring to NSPT, you will receive one month of FREE training! Spread the word to friends, neighbors, teachers, teammates and coaches!


For more information about NSPT, review the pages below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much for your interest in NSPT!


Have a great day!


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