North Shore Performance Training
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The NSPT Model

The NSPT Training Model


Every gym goer has their own set of respective weaknesses, imbalances, limitations, postural restrictions and strengths. It is our goal to help each client understand how their body should move and what the necessary steps are to achieve quality movement and personal fitness goals throughout their training development. Below is the typical operations model for each client when they join NSPT.




A thorough discussion with each client to better understand their training history and workout routines, sports background, personal goals, medical history and nutrition. We listen first, then explain the benefits of our program and how it can help each client reach their fitness goals.

 An additional free nutrition consultation is also offered with our in-house registered dietitian. At your 30-minute consult, she will discuss diet history, medical history, exercise/training regimen, lifestyle, and personal goals. After getting to know you better, our dietitian identifies individual benefits of nutritional coaching and how good nutrition can fuel optimal wellbeing and athletic performance. 

Additional nutritional coaching, groups, and meal-planning programs will also be available!


 Movement Screening and Postural Analysis


Each client will perform a video-screened movement and postural analysis assessment, specifically designed to identify weaknesses, imbalances, potential future sources of injury and strengths. Following the screening we will discuss findings with each client in order to educate them about their movement patterns. Then, we will discuss programming for each client going forward.


Let the Training Begin!


Each training session will be a complete and dynamic workout concentrated around corrective exercise, functional training and scripted strength and conditioning programming. Each workout is carefully prepared with different variations for each respective client. Each training session will have a similar format to the programming listed below.

NOTE: Athlete Programming is based around a periodization model in which functional training, strength training and power training are used in monthly patterns. This is the most effective way of training athletes to maximize strength, power and speed gains!


Foam rolling- performed prior to each session, a self myofacial release technique to help soothe sore muscles and promote healthy range of motion

Mobility Exercises and a Dynamic Warm-up- exercises for each major muscle group to ensure quality alignment, proper movement and increased range of motion. This unlocks tight muscles and joints while warming the body for the day’s workout

Speed OR Agility- fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment, explosive acceleration and cardiovascular conditioning

Functional Strength/Power/Plyometric Training- various training schemes ranging from 2 to 5 exercises

Functional Core Stability and Functional Rotational Core to Extremity Movement- included in every workout, core stability and rotational training is programmed to emphasize the two major building blocks of functional performance training. This core workout will also include shoulder maintenance work

Cool-down and Proper Stretching- isolated, static stretching to cool the body, loosen muscles and soothe tired joints