North Shore Performance Training
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NSPT Program Information




Athlete Group Training Membership


All Athlete Group Training classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and focus on athlete specific plyobility, mobility and dynamic warm-up exercises, speed and agility training and either functional, strength or power phase periodization training. These classes can be modified or progressed for each client to make it functional to their ability and sport . All workouts also include core strengthening routines and corrective exercise plans.

Each client is training in a group setting with exercises customized and programmed for their individual needs.



- 3 Month Package

- 6 Month Package

- 12 Month Package

*All packages have an Unlimited Monthly Training option and a Two Visits Per Week- Monthly option


Adult Group Training Membership


A group training package for adults who will perform a daily workout scripted by one of our strength coaches. Men and women of all ages and fitness abilities will train together in the same session. Each client will have their own modification or progression for each exercise if necessary.

All structured workouts are up-tempo and are 1 hour in length. These workouts will focus on mobiility and corrective exercise routines, a proper dynamic warm-up and either functional strength, H.I.I.T, plyometrics/power training or traditional strength exercises with an athletic twist! All workouts include core strengthening routines and a proper cool-down.

A fun and customized training environment that will push you to your limits!



- 3 Month Package

- 12 Month Package

*All packages have an Unlimited Monthly Training option and a Two Visits Per Week- Monthly option


Youth Fundamentals Training


A group training membership for youth athletes ranging from 8-12 years old. These 1 hour training sessions are offered twice a week and will focus on the building blocks of strength and conditioning and functional training: balance, coordination, hand eye-coordination, agility, speed, core strength and bodyweight strength for the upper and lower body.

A safe and effective way to promote healthy movement patterns, build a strong foundation and set the tone for athletic development!


- 2 visits per week per month (9 visits) - a monthly package (3 month commitment)


Team Training


NSPT accommodates team training for ALL sports, from youth sports to the professional level. Team training is a great way to build team chemistry and camaraderie and allows athletes to get better together! Whatever your sport, next year's team success is developed through hard work, competing against each other and building strong relationships!

All Team Workouts are customized to each athlete's ability level and will focus on movements to best prepare them for their respective sport.



- 1 Visit Per Week

- 2 Visits Per Week 

*Each team must have a minimum of 8 players per session


Individual Athlete Training


A customized, client-specific training package for athletes of all sports who prefer a one-on-one training setting. NSPT trains athletes of all ages and abilities.

Each athlete has the choice to train one-on-one or with up to three friends or teammates.  During this program each athlete will receive individualized programming and instruction directly related to their sport, the training season they are in and their athletic skill level.

As mentioned, the first session for each athlete consists of a functional movement screening and performance assessment.  This movement assessment will allow NSPT to build a program suited for each individual athlete. 


Yoga on the Green


Power Yoga

This Power Vinyasa yoga class links breath with movement and incorporates a dynamic flow that supports greater strength, flexibility, endurance, focus, and balance. It tones the entire body, with an emphasis on core and strength.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes is designed to support athlete's flexibility, strength, balance, and breath awareness through a vinyasa style yoga class, ending with a mindfulness session that incorporates different tools for greater performance and endurance- including body awareness, emotional regulation, and stress management tools. Mindfulness and yoga have gained greater popularity among college and professional sports teams- to support enhanced mental/ physical performance on and off the field. 


Mindfulness in Sports- Video of the Week


George Mumford, Boston College


Personal Training-Adult


NSPT offers one-on-one Personal Training for clients of all ages and ability levels. If you are someone who wants to lose weight, tone up, get stronger, or want to improve your overall health, NSPT should be your next training destination! Whatever your personal goals are, NSPT will help you achieve them with correct technique and having fun along the way.  These personal training sessions are one hour long.