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Check out what people are saying about North Shore Performance Training!  If you would like to have your experiences posted on the website, contact James with your testimonial!

Thank you to all of our clients, athletes and adults, who believe in this training model, learn and push themselves to new limits and get better every day! That is what it's all about. Clients- thank you for you kind words, but it is you and YOUR efforts who deserve all the credit!


Glenn D'Addario, MSPT, DPT- Co-Founder of HD Physical Therapy

My name is Glenn D'Addario, MSPT, DPT, and I first met James Baker while working as a team physical therapist for the Nashua Pride minor league baseball team in 2006.  James was a middle reliever at the time and an effective one.  What immediately stood out to me about Mr. Baker was his work ethic.  He re-defined the word “training” for me, constantly working on strength and conditioning, pitching mechanics, nutrition, recovery and education.  He was an ultimate professional both on and off the field during his time as a Pride pitcher and highly respected by his teammates and coaches.

 I have since had the pleasure of watching James progress from professional baseball to working as a pitching coach and personal trainer / fitness coach.  He has developed and put to use mechanical throwing strategies to reduce the chances of injury to younger and older players alike, as well as improved their pitch quality and velocity.  I've also seem him train clients in the gym, watching first hand physical and performance changes over brief periods of time.  More impressive however, are the bonds and relationships James and his NSPT Staff has formed with his clients over the years as well as his ability to naturally motivate others.  His phone is constantly ringing  with clients, as well as their family members, calling with excitement to share their on-field success with James.

 Mr. Baker is passionate and a professional.  Do to his tireless work ethic, he has developed an exceptional program with NSPT that is unlike any other program around.  At NSPT, James will motive you, push you to achieve a level of fitness you did not think was previously possible, and accelerate your overall athletic performance.  I'm excited to have the opportunity to refer my own patients, family and friends to NSPT as I know they will achieve great outcomes!


 Kevin Hooper, former Major League Baseball Player and Manager of the Wichita Wingnuts Professional Baseball Team

I did not even have 'Bake' for a whole year, but he is one of my all-time favorite players. He's a smart baseball guy, very knowledgeable, and he knew what he wanted to do every time he got the baseball.  He was just a great team guy, and did whatever he could to help us win ball games, night in and night out.  I just loved sitting with him at a table and talking about whatever, whenever.

 I knew right when I had heard about his father passing away that Wichita was the place he needed to be.  I am a true family man and understand the importance of a family, and know that I'm not where I am today without the support of my family.  When these guys come to Wichita, they become a part of our family and are welcomed with open arms.  Myself being this way, and our organization being the same, I just knew that once we got 'Bake' onto our team that we would be a huge help for him in many ways."

"'Bake' was all about the team, and wanted nothing more than for our team to be successful.  He was well-respected in the clubhouse, and you couldn't ask for a better teammate or individual.  I know I have said it many times before, but 'Bake' and I had a special bond from day one.

I will never forget the day when he arrived at my hotel room in Amarillo.  We talked about baseball, our philosophies as an organization, and just life itself for an hour.  I will truly miss having him on the ball field, and wish him nothing but the best in the future. Good luck at NSPT!


Cailin Currie, NSPT Athlete and Rio U.S.A Paralymic Swim Team, Merrimack College

I remember when I decided to try something new by joining North Shore Performance Training, and how nervous and excited I was at the same time. Showing up the first day, I had so many mixed thoughts: “Am I going to succeed?” and “Am I going to have fun?” I remember seeing you for the first time, and your first talk with us when we joined. That's when I knew I was in the right place, for what I wanted to accomplish, and since day 1, I've never looked back. 

NSPT Staff, thank you for your passion and interest in me, and always wanting me to succeed. If not for you, the success I achieved, would not have been possible. Your personality, persistence in pushing me to be my very best, and your ability to make me and everyone else feel good about the work we put in every day was crucial, and you did exactly that. You taught me not only how to be excellent athletes but also how to be better people and what it means to care about something with all your heart. Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself and to believe that you could do the unimaginable. I will never forget the things you taught me and will continue to use the hard work ethic you taught me in every aspect of my life.

Because of you and the NSPT Staff, I not only enjoy pushing myself more than I ever did before, but I enjoy pushing those around me to the best of all our abilities. You are an inspiration and a role model that I will never forget in my lifetime. Although I know there are millions of things I could thank you for, I know a thank you will never be enough for all that you have done for me. You have given me the tools to succeed, and for that, I am forever grateful.

I will make sure I make to come in and see you and everyone, and I look forward many great years ahead.

Thank you James  and NSPT Staff , for all you do!


Max Geig, NSPT Athlete and Boston College Eagles Pitcher




Peter Bocchino, NSPT Athlete and Division II College Baseball Player

Training at NSPT has taken my overall athletic ability to a whole different level! The improvements that I have seen in the weight room, in speed and in flexibility have all been great. All of these improvements physically have made me a better baseball player on a whole. The amount of attention that James pays to his atheltes is unrivaled by any other trainer. James' program at NSPT is incredibly balanced and is sure to make you stronger, faster and healthier!


Lisa Whitehead, mother of an NSPT Athlete

James Baker is a trainer with patience, guidance, energy and 100% supportive of you to achieve your personal best on any given day. I brought my very uncoordinated son to see him over 2 years ago and he is to this day, a proud member of NSPT. James has worked with Erik, not only on the physical aspects of training, but more importantly, the mental aspect of being the best you can be. He has the ability to have you reach within yourself to achieve for yourself, not for your mom or dad, not for your coach, but for yourself. Yes, my son is stronger, faster, more coordinated then when he started, however, it is his confidence in his ability to achieve, that I truly attribute to James.


Lori Cravatis, NSPT Adult Group Training Client

One year ago, I started a journey. I was fortunate to get an email informing me about a weight loss challenge called the Biggest Winner at North Shore Performance Training (NSPT). I have struggled with weight loss for the majority of my life. I have joined gyms, YMCAs, Medi weight loss program, 21-day diets, and Weight Watchers in attempt to find the perfect solution. When I got the email, I thought “well here I go again another quick fix to lose weight.” I mean its only six weeks and just taking off 10lbs will send me in the right direction. But what that email did for me was more than just a quick fix to rapid weight loss, it was a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

Now 50lbs later, my outlook on weight loss and exercise has drastically changed.
James and Scott are amazing. They are attentive, passionate, knowledgeable and caring. They are instrumental in making you believe in yourself and succeed during the workouts. They work with your strengths and weaknesses and encourage you to do your best to overcome obstacles. I have reached my original goal but James and Scott are still committed to pushing me even harder, changing things up, creating new goals and holding me accountable.

The workout is challenging but fun and inspirational. Every time I workout, I feel like I have conquered the world. At NSPT, there is nothing that a person cannot do! You just have to believe in yourself.

Not only are the trainers phenomenal but also so are the people I work out with. Everyone is serious about his or her workout but they are helpful, inspirational and encouraging. They are my gym friends.

During the weight loss challenge, Jules provided a nutrition plan with recipes for the first six weeks. I increased my water intake, decreased my alcohol intake and followed the guidelines in her nutrition plan. I have incorporated these changes into my everyday daily routine. I don’t call it a diet plan because I have changed the way I eat and how I look at food. The staff at NSPT genuinely cares about each and every client. The biggest compliment to NSPT is to tell my friends, coworkers and family about this amazing place. I finally got my son to work out after 5 months and he loves it just as much as I do. Thank you James, Scott and Jordan. I didn’t win the Biggest Winner contest, but I am a winner in my own journey…..


Lauren D., Danvers, MA

James Baker is the perfect combination of strength and warmth. He motivates you, encourages you, and pushes you like you've never been pushed, yet is still nurturing, attentive and considerate of you as an individual. His comforting smile, motivating teachings and vast knowledge of exercise and sports medicine makes you 100% confident in his abilities to help you achieve any physical goal you may have. James will get you the results you want!


Parent's of Zach Begin, NSPT Athlete and Pitcher at St. Joseph's College 

Dear, NSPT Staff,

We saw great improvements in Zach's performance in just 1 year with Coach Baker. We knew he would succeed with Coach Baker's program and the rest of the NSPT Staff. NSPT and Coach Baker delivered! Zach gained 5 miles per hour on his fast ball, but more importantly he put on 15 pounds of muscle which was beneficial considering he is 5' 7" and throwing in the low 90's! Coach Baker's program catered Zach's workouts to a pitcher's needs, with an eye towards the athlete's health. Protecting the throwers arm was always a priority. We highly recommend NSPT and Coach Baker's program! 

Thank you James for everything! 


 Heidi and Bill 


Marc Santarpio,  Motocross Athlete and NSPT Adult Group Training Member

James is an amazing person to work with. He teaches, inspires, pushes and most importantly has passion for what he does. He is the perfect combination. 5 star review!!!


Ted Leathersich, NSPT Athlete and 2 Sport Star

James and the NSPT staff first took me in following hockey season. Over the course of the hockey season the wear and tear and constant cardio took 10 pounds of my body. In the one month gap I had before baseball began, James put healthy weight back on through lifting and nutritional tips and made me the strongest athlete possible going into baseball season. Throughout the season, I trainined wice a week at NSPT to maintain my strength and prevent injury. James has also really helped and guided me through the college baseball process and helps any way he can. Thank you, James!


Collin Murray, NSPT Athlete and Pitcher at McGill University

James Baker and NSPT has been a tremendous help to me in my quest to play baseball in college. Throughout high school I was told by coaches that I didn't really have what it takes to play baseball at the same level as my peers. At first, I was pretty down on myself. I started to question my ability, wondering if I would ever have what it takes to play competitive baseball. I decided to start pitching lessons in hopes of developing my skils and that is when I met James. He took me in as an ineffective pitcher and tuned me to become confindent and very effective.

James also trained me at NSPT, and almost instantly I was seeing improvement. The best part about NSPT is the well-rounded workout you get each and every session. They take pride in training more than just the physical strength, but also working on developing clients- including myself, to be the most mentally tough. I was taught to grind through the tough times I faced as a baseball player that never made a high school team, and that made all the difference for me.

Now, thanks to James and the NSPT staff, I am playing college baseball.


B.J Weed, former Professional Baseball Player and now High School Baseball Coach

I have been working out with James Baker and NSPT now for about 8 months... Being a former professional athlete, I feel at 35 years old I am in the best shape of my life! My body and mind are challenged on a daily basis! I am a true believer that functional training not only gets you in shape, but aligns your posture to perfection. I have had lower back and neck problems using the standard work...outs on my own, but now learning the right technique and body position my neck and back have never felt better! I recommend any athlete who wants to feel good on a daily basis to trust the North Shore Performance Training System. It is the complete package when it comes to Strength, Power, Balance, Posture, and Endurance. I have a 2 year old boy and a 4 1/2 year old girl who will start in the next few years!


Frank Botta, parent of a 12 year old NSPT Athlete

My son Drew has been with NSPT since August of 2014.  Out of all the sports he plays, coming twice a week for training is his favorite activity.  James and his staff are excellent with kids and know how to get the most out of them.  The results have been incredible.  My son has his best year in baseball for both his club and town teams.  I would highly recommend NSPT to any parent who wants their child to learn about their body, develop as an athlete, and start a lifelong love for fitness. 


Chuck Braid, Father of a NSPT High School Athlete


I felt compelled to write you in order to express my sincere appreciation and gratification to you and the entire NSPT staff.

My son, AJ Braid is one of the many students attending NSPT. He also attends weekly classes with Academy instructor Scott "Greaso" Bevan. Between the two, he is obtaining the necessary training needed to enter a new chapter in his life, High School Baseball.

I wanted to share a short success story about AJ that solidifies my thoughts about NSPT.

As a catcher, Greaso would have AJ practice long toss. This particular long toss consisis of AJ throwing a distance without taking a crow-hop. Using his upper and lower body, he explodes out from his crouch and throws as far as he can. Over time his throws have gotten longer and longer with the the anticipation of one day throwing wall to wall... and then it happened!!!

Just the other day we were on the field practicing this drill. He was asked to "stretch it out" with his throws, meaning throw as far as you can coming out of the crouch. I was asked to stand on one side of the field while he stayed on the opposite end.


I was told by Academy instructors the field length is just about or a little over 200 ft.!!! To throw a baseball, without a crow-hop over 200 ft is an enormous step in his maturity and development!!! AND WE HAVE NSPT TO THANK!!!

Because of your diedicaiton and determination, these young boys and young men are turning into complete athletes!!! Thank you for everything you and your staff are doing. We are forever grateful for your help!!!


Chuckie Braid

(Proud Father)


Kim Black, mother of an NSPT client


NSPT is for serious athletes who want to improve their performance and increase their strength. Working with James has made a significant difference for our teenage son's athleticism. You can't find nicer or more dedicated young man to train with.


Matt Marcom, father of a youth client

The youth program at NSPT has done more for my 10 year old son Nate than we could have ever hoped for. I have never seen Nate more motivated about baseball and fitness in general. When it’s time for a c...lass he is basically dragging me out the door so we aren’t late. We have been to many different baseball training programs but have never seen true growth until we brought Nate to NSPT and started to incorporate the agility training and core strength work that James Baker teaches in the youth group class.

James has the perfect demeanor and attitude to work with kids and the response he gets from Nate is better than anyone that has ever trained him. My son’s confidence and drive to excel has never been better and I owe much of that to NSPT and James Baker. Thanks guys, keep up the outstanding work!


John Woloski, father of an NSPT client

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend James Baker for your son’s baseball training.  I know James because he has worked with my son for the past four years.  I was looking for a positive, upbeat coach with a lot of enthusiasm, not to mention good character.  James has provided all of these.  The level of effort he provides into each student athlete is amazing.  During the time my son Tyler has spent with James, he has increased his work ethic and his skill level.  Tyler’s confidence whenever he takes the mound is never in question, and that is due to the coaching philosophy James has provided.  James puts in extra time necessary to make sure that the student athlete’s goals are met.  I would strongly recommend James to any student athlete who desires to improve in mind, body and confidence on the baseball field.


Lisa Wilson, mother of a youth client

I first met James through the Academy Baseball program; he was the lead pitching coach.  After observing just a few practice sessions, it was evident to me James possessed more than talent and first-hand knowledge: he understands the key to any individual reaching their full potential begins with a focus not only on proper mechanics, but overall body conditioning and balance.  Longevity and success begin with a solid foundation, which is especially true for pitchers who are susceptible to strength imbalances and overuse injuries.

James developed a functional training workout for my son, who quickly learned that incorporating a strength and agility program into his training improved his performance on the mound.  James taught him that joint stability and flexibility allow a pitcher to implement proper mechanics more effectively, thereby improving velocity, accuracy and endurance.

 The most important aspect of my son's experience in working with James, however, wasn't about the physical gains he made.  James taught my son to take pride in himself and work hard to pursue his passion - but most importantly, to have fun while doing it!"

 My son and I both consider James to be one of the best coaches and trainers he's worked with.  It's true! 


Tim Cadieux, College Athlete

I have trained with James for five years.  James is not only my trainer but a great mentor and friend.  I come into every workout ready to be pushed to my limits and then a little farther.  What sets James apart is his outstanding character and competitive drive.  I learned not just to endure challenges but rather to enjoy powering through them.  James teaches the proper way to execute the fundamental skills needed when exercising and playing baseball.  This has essentially kept me injury free throughout my adolescence.  His baseball experience in college, independent and minor league ball is invaluable as he teaches me not only how to execute the plays but also why the approach is advantageous.  If you are willing to work hard and challenge yourself, then James will help you to reach new heights of physical and mental excellence.


  Cheryl McIntosh, Mother of a youth client

 My 14-yr old daughter has been training with James for the past three months and she couldn’t be happier!  She always looks forward to her training sessions!  She’s a 3-season athlete and was looking for a sports performance training to not only prepare her for the Fall soccer/softball season but to build a long-term workout routine to help improve her endurance, stamina and confidence.  Both trainers have not only accomplished that goal but have also done a fabulous job in motivating her, challenging her and inspiring her to be a better athlete and person. 

They stress the importance of good sportsmanship, hard work and goal setting which is paramount for a young, talented athlete. I have seen the results first hand in her first few games already this season. Her overall performance has definitely improved!  We are thankful and blessed to have James  for all of their great coaching & motivation, and personal commitment to her success!  I highly recommend NSPT to anyone who is considering joining!!


 Jon Shepard, Professional Baseball Player

Thanks to James Baker and his knowledge and experience of performance training and the game of baseball, I have TRULY been able to achieve my goals. From James’ programs and teachings I have been able to play two years of professional baseball and have avoided injury. I have been in the best playing shape in recent years and have had the best baseball statistical years to date. I have seen great strength gains, tone and have developed a stronger, more confident competitive mentality. I recommend James’ performance training and baseball instruction to anyone who is looking to better their athletic career or overall personal health.


Tyler Richenburg, Student Athlete and St. John’s Prep Track Star

My name is Tyler Richenburg and I’m beginning my second year in the strength and conditioning program. James Baker has been my trainer since day one. James and I have gotten to know each other very well. I don’t look up to James as just my trainer, but my personal coach. James pushes me to my limits every single workout. Each session begins with a various amount of stretches and warm up exercises that really prepare me for the workout. By this time I’m already breathing more than normal and my blood is pumping. I then move onto the strength and conditioning workouts. Each session has a different type of workout that focuses on different parts of the body. I come out of every session sweating and sore. After my first year of training, I was in the best shape I have ever been in my life!

James also taught me a lot about pitching mechanics. From the time I came into the program until now, I’ve improved immensely with my mechanics and that has to do with James’ ability to coach. Not only does James put me in a great position physically, he also does mentally. James focuses on my goals in life. He constantly reminds me to persevere and to fight to achieve my goals. I’ve gotten to the point where I believe nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.


Kevin Mooney, father of a youth client

It goes without saying that I am very impressed with James' approach and technical competence. Further, the differentiating values (what sets James apart/above other coaches) that I see in James is his ability to be a great role model for my son during his formative years. I look forward to this opportunity!