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What Makes NSPT Unique?


The training philosophy at North Shore Performance Training is different than other gyms. Every client, regardless of their health and fitness background has certain needs that must be met to achieve optimum health. At the completion of every client’s initial consultation, movement screening/performance test and nutritional discussion, each individual will be motivated with a proactive plan moving forward, concentrated on client specific programming to change the way you train for the better.

We are confident each client will receive the attention they deserve. Our fully scripted strength and conditioning programming, nutrition guidlines and positive, up-beat attitude will help each person achieve realistic wellness goals. Grab a hold of your life today and rid yourself of poor health habits and workout routines. At NSPT, having fun, training correctly and incorporating variety with all of our programming is our main priority. Make the change, start fresh and change your life today!


What is your Motivation?


I want to…


 Functional Training at NSPT!


Functional Training and corrective exercise is the most effective way to train. Functional training focuses on and even mimics movement patterns performed in everyday life, in the workplace, on the practice field or in competitive game situations. Functional training emphasizes core to extremity movement, using the entire body to “do work” and creating muscle synergy to move efficiently. All of our strength and conditioning programing uses functional movements.

Functional training also focuses on corrective exercise and re-training the body to move in the correct manner. Societal stresses and poor routines can lead to debilitating movement patterns that over time can lead to injury. Corrective exercise gets to the root of the problem and in time, with proper pattering and rewiring, positive habits and healhty movements are created.

Whether you are a beginner to performance training, someone who enjoys working out, or an athlete on a specefic plan, functional training can be customized for you!